FoxRock Communications and Syndication Services

Radio Results for ANYONE!

Thinking about adding sports or talk to your station?  Want more out of your lineup?  Our team of broadcast experts can help you navigate the world of news/talk or sports programming on your station.

Are you looking to develop your skills in news/talk or sports programming?

Are you looking for quality Station Management offered to your station on BARTER?

FoxRock Communications

We don't host annual conventions.  We don't coordinate golf outings.  We don't have expensive retainers or expense accounts.

Our team will help you evaluate and implement what makes the most sense for your bottom line through sports and talk radio.  We also provide air talent with constructive evaluation no matter the format.

FoxRock Communications also offers its seasoned broadcast professionals to stations for virtual programming or station management duties at a rate anyone can afford.

We strongly believe in a singular approach for each client:  no cookie cutter ideas here.  We work with stations based on their needs and desires and help develop game plans individually. 

We ask you the right questions. 

We want to know what your goals are and what is most important to you for success.

Our team of radio professionals strives to expertly guide you through the most basic contract review to the complexity of on-air and voice over coaching to running a radio station to reach its full potential.

The advice and services aren't bargain basement.
Only the price is!